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JUNE 23, 2023

Monica Garcia, [email protected] 

On Thursday, Stand Up America joined progressive advocates in calling on Congress to restore balance to the Court to protect our fundamental freedoms

WASHINGTON, DC — Tomorrow marks one year since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The Court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization went against 50 years of precedent and opened the door for anti-abortion state legislators to attack reproductive rights. According to Axios, roughly a quarter of U.S. states have banned or restricted abortion since the Dobbs decision.

Stand Up America spokesperson Sarah Harris issued the following statement:

“In the year since the Dobbs ruling, our country has experienced constant attacks on reproductive justice and bodily autonomy. Policy is personal for many Black and brown women like myself, who come from states that didn’t even take a minute before banning these freedoms. There is no question that the Supreme Court’s extreme right-wing supermajority has opened the door for extremist politicians to take away our fundamental freedoms. 

“The out-of-control supermajority on the Supreme Court has gone unchecked for too long. Their historically low approval ratings show how little Americans trust the conservative justices to uphold our freedoms. It’s time to rebalance the Court and hold them to a higher standard. Stand Up America’s members will continue to build momentum in the court expansion fight as this session comes to a close.”

On Thursday, Stand Up America joined Senators Ed Markey and Tina Smith, Representative Hank Johnson, Just Majority and other progressive groups at a press conference ahead of the Dobbs anniversary to urge Congress to pass Supreme Court reforms. In 2023, Stand Up America’s nearly 2 million members across the country have driven over 90,000 actions in support of the Judiciary Act, which restores ideological balance to the Court by adding four seats, and additional Supreme Court reform measures such as a code of ethics. 


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