About Us

Who We Are

Stand Up America’s goal is simple: to demand the democracy we deserve. A democracy for the people, by the people. All of the people. 

Our organization was born in 2016 as a digital-first grassroots community working to resist Donald Trump’s corruption, racism, and his threats to our democracy. But we know that Trump is a symptom of what’s broken in our political system, not the root cause. 

Today, we’re working to build a truly representative democracy by expanding voting rights, reducing the impact of big money in our elections, and breaking down structural barriers that conservatives have built to stop progress. We envision a democracy where every American, regardless of where they live, what they look like, how they identify, or how much money they have, has representation in government. 

Our community is made up of nearly two million Americans across all 50 states. To date, we have driven more than 1.7 million constituent calls to lawmakers and contacted tens of millions of our fellow voters to help them take action to strengthen our democracy.

We know that American democracy is rooted in a history of systemic racism, classism, and sexism, which continues to this day. ​​To make meaningful progress on countless issues, from health care to climate change, we are committed to reforming a political system that has silenced millions of Americans for far too long.

What We Do—And How We Do It

To make this a reality, we run impactful digital-first campaigns geared towards engaging millions of progressives. 

We work to protect and expand voting rights, reduce the impact of big money in our elections, and dismantle other undemocratic barriers to progress. We advocate for change on the local, state, and federal level and lend our support as digital organizers and strategists to partners on the ground. 

Our community loves a challenge, so we take on fights that are winnable, but not inevitable—and we have a history of big results. Click here to learn more about our impact and our past campaigns.

We also believe in being transparent about where we’ve come from and how we power our work. To learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, please click here. Stand Up America is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit funded by our founder and president, Sean Eldridge, and over 15,000 grassroots donors. Learn more about our financials below: