Our Impact

Our Community

  • Nearly 2,000,000 Progressives
  • Over 9,000 Volunteers

Our community is the key to our victories. Whether it’s making phone calls to lawmakers, showing up for rallies or getting out the vote, our members bring the right pressure at the right moment. The Stand Up America community hails from all 50 states, and we are united in our vision for a truly representative democracy that works for all Americans—not just the white, wealthy donor class.

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Our Federal Advocacy

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  • Over 1,720,000 Constituent Calls
  • Over 83,000 Letters to the Editor Submitted
  • Nearly 850,000 Emails to Lawmaker

The Stand Up America community mobilizes across the country, in every single Congressional district, to demand the democracy we deserve. Our members are some of the loudest voices calling for a Congressional stock trading ban, demanding sweeping Supreme Court reforms, and fighting for federal voting rights legislation. By focusing our energy on fights that are winnable but not inevitable, our advocacy can be a game changer.

Our State Advocacy

  • Nearly 35,000 Constituents Calls
  • Over 50,000 Email to Lawmakers
  • Nearly 2,500,000 Texts to Voters
  • Over 35 State and Local Democracy Campaigns

States are often the laboratories of our democracy, and they play a critical role in our elections and our lives. Our community has helped pass pro-democracy legislation and ballot initiatives and defeated anti-democratic measures in states and cities across the country. Our members wrote thousands of letters and sent nearly two million texts to voters in Ohio and Arizona to mobilize them against anti-choice politicians’ attacks on direct democracy. We’ve helped expand the right to vote in states like New Mexico, Michigan, Connecticut, and Minnesota, and passed bold campaign finance reforms in Oakland and New York. But we don’t do this work alone. Stand Up America partners with dozens of local organizations across the country and provides digital support to coalitions where needed—from creating coalition call lines to running peer-to-peer texting programs, and deploying digital ads that reach millions of voters in key moments.


Our Voter Mobilization

  • Over 55,000,000 Voters Reached
  • Over 1,024,500 GOTV Letters Sent to Voters
  • Over 200,000 Voting Plans Made
  • Over 100,000 Voters Registered

Since 2017, we have deployed our volunteers and cutting-edge digital tactics to register new voters, educate Americans on pivotal campaigns, get out the vote, and elect democracy champions. We run cost-effective digital voter registration and turnout campaigns, volunteer-driven interactive peer to peer texting programs, and impactful influencer campaigns that reach millions of Americans in key moments. Our members fill thousands of campaign volunteer shifts and send hundreds of thousands of handwritten letters to voters. In the 2022 midterms, our community rallied to defeat election-denying secretary of state candidates in four swing states to ensure that elections would be run fairly and the will of voters respected, and turned out to help elect pro-democracy, anti-filibuster candidates to the United States Senate.