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The Numbers Are In: Stand Up America Volunteers Send Nearly 240,000 Handwritten Letters Urging Voters to Elect Democracy Defenders Next Week

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Ahead of Election Day, Stand Up America volunteers sent more than 240,000 handwritten letters to unlikely voters in states across the country as part of Voter Forward’s Big Send. In the letters, volunteers share their reason for voting in this crucial midterm election and urge their fellow citizens to exercise their freedom to vote. 

As part of a special project this year, Stand Up America volunteers also sent over 25,000 letters to unlikely voters in Nevada, letting them know what is at stake in the secretary of state race and urging them to vote for democracy defender Cisco Aguilar.

“In less than one week, our country will be voting in a crucial election to protect our democracy and our most fundamental freedoms. Our grassroots volunteers understand the urgency of the election, and they’ve worked hard to encourage millions of Americans to vote like their safety, their bodies, and their democracy depend on it,” said Christina Harvey, Executive Director at Stand Up America. “This cycle, Americans have an opportunity not only to decide which party will represent them in Congress and other halls of power, but also to build a firewall for our democracy to ensure that the candidate who walks into the White House in 2024—and every election after that—is the candidate who was elected by the people.”

“Vote Forward is honored to partner again with Stand Up America on our 2022 campaign to write and send millions of letters encouraging people from underrepresented communities to vote in the upcoming elections,” said Scott Forman, Vote Forward’s Founder and Executive Director. “Grassroots engagement through our proven program is one of the most effective ways to make a real impact in increasing voter turnout, and we’re excited that Stand Up America’s national community of volunteers has been so committed to helping their fellow citizens participate in our democratic process.”

In 2020, Vote Forward volunteers—including the Stand Up America community—sent millions of letters to voters in battleground states. These letters translated into hundreds of thousands of votes.

Stand Up America has also mobilized its grassroots community to send letters to the editor to local newspapers in battleground states in support of democracy defenders in Secretary of State races, educating voters on what’s at stake on next week. Volunteers are also working as poll workers in partnership with Power the Polls, texting millions of voters in Arizona, Michigan and Nevada, signing up for volunteer shifts with Stand Up America and over 100 campaigns and partner organizations, and working to get out the vote next week. 

More information about Stand Up America’s work this election cycle is available here.