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Less Than 30 Days Until the Midterm: Stand Up America is Helping to Elect Democracy Defenders

With less than one month until the midterm elections, Stand Up America is leveraging its grassroots community of more than 2 million members in every congressional district in every state to elect democracy defenders. Electing democracy defenders is more important than ever. According to USA TODAY, more than 300 candidates on the ballot in 2022 across the country have either questioned or renounced the 2020 outcome without providing evidence. And what’s more, many of them are projected to win. That’s why Stand Up America and its community are working to protect democracy and elect democracy defenders. 

Over the next 26 days, Stand Up America will: 

  • Invest in and support democracy defenders up and down the ballot. Stand Up America will be investing seven figures in Secretary of State races in Nevada, Michigan, Arizona, and Minnesota to create a democracy firewall ahead of 2024. The organization will also be directing its grassroots community to support democracy defenders in federal races in Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 
  • Mobilize its grassroots community to write letters to unlikely voters in our priority states encouraging them to vote, including letters warning Nevada voters about anti-choice election denier Jim Marchant in partnership with VoteForward. The letters will be mailed on October 29 as part of “The Big Send” with Vote Forward. Additional grassroots mobilization tactics include: 
    • Sending letters to the editor to local newspapers in support of democracy defenders in Secretary of State races. The letters will help educate voters on what’s at stake on November 8
    • Recruiting poll workers for election day in partnership with Power the Polls
    • Mobilizing our membership to text voters in Arizona, Michigan and Nevada urging them to vote for democracy champions for Secretary of State.
    • Asking our members to sign up for additional volunteer shifts in key races with our organization and over 100 campaigns and outside organizations, from the Michigan Democratic Party to SwingLeft
    • Getting out the vote in November
  • Invest in digital ads to register voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada, following our successful registration campaign in Arizona. 
  • Launch digital persuasion ads in Arizona and Michigan, driving ballot guides to educate voters about the Secretary of State candidates on their ballots in partnership with Democratic Association of Secretaries of State. 

This electoral cycle, Stand Up America’s members have already sent hundreds of letters to the editors in calling out election deniers on the ballot, adopted over 200,000 unlikely voters to send letters to, and registered thousands of voters. 

For more information on Stand Up America’s work ahead of the election, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].