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House Democrats Must Stop Slow-Walking Impeachment Inquiry

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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NEW YORK — Today, during testimony provided before the House Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, Special Counsel Robert Mueller confirmed to the American people that his investigation did not—under any circumstances—exonerate Donald Trump.

After Mueller indicated that Trump could only be charged with criminal obstruction of justice after he leaves the White House, it has become exceedingly clear that Congress must immediately begin an impeachment inquiry.

“Robert Mueller did his job—and it’s far past time for lawmakers in Congress to do theirs. Today’s testimony is the clearest indication yet that the only path forward is for Congress to immediately begin an impeachment inquiry,” said Sean Eldridge, Founder and President of Stand Up America. “If any other American had committed the crimes detailed in the Mueller report, they would be indicted and sent to prison. Delaying an impeachment inquiry any further does an injustice to the American people—and we implore Speaker Pelosi to stop slow-walking the process.”

Today’s testimony also highlighted how the Special Counsel’s investigation uncovered extensive criminal activity, which resulted in:

  • Mueller issuing 37 criminal indictments resulting in at least 7 convictions or guilty pleas, including Trump’s national security adviser, his personal lawyer, his campaign chairman, and his deputy campaign chairman;

  • Mueller identifying at least 10 instances in his report in which Donald Trump personally sought to obstruct or interfere with the investigation; and

  • Mueller finding evidence that campaign and administration officials continually lied to investigators about over 100 secret meetings and communications between the Trump campaign and Russia, Wikileaks (an organization linked to the Russian government), and other Kremlin-linked individuals.

Over the last two months, Stand Up America has texted nearly 250,000 voters and driven nearly 80,000 constituent calls to lawmakers in every congressional district in the country. Today alone, during Mueller’s testimony, community members made more than 7,500 constituent calls to the congressional offices of House Democrats who have not yet declared public support for an impeachment inquiry.

After the launch of, a tool that enables constituents to schedule in-district office visits, hundreds of Stand Up America community members have also visited or pledged to visit lawmakers’ offices to demand they publicly support starting impeachment proceedings based on the findings of the Mueller report.

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