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Londyn Harry

Digital Strategist

As a Digital Strategist at Stand Up America, Londyn works alongside the SMS and Organizing team to connect with our SMS subscribers and over 8,000 volunteers. She writes and produces engaging content aimed at mobilizing our community to take action in the fight to protect our democracy. 

Before coming to Stand Up America, Londyn was a Digital Strategist at Authentic Campaigns, where she led digital fundraising efforts for several local, state, and national campaigns and organizations. Before joining Authentic, Londyn worked in nonprofit fundraising and development.

Londyn is particularly proud of her work in 2022 to raise millions of dollars online and turn out voters in favor of Democratic candidates to help flip the Senate. 

Londyn currently resides in her hometown of Philadelphia and holds a Bachelor’s degree from the George Washington University in Political Science. In her free time, Londyn enjoys reading in one of the many parks around the city, traveling, and binge-watching reality TV.

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