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MAY 23, 2024

Sarah Harris, [email protected]

Majority of voters across parties support Supreme Court term limits

NEW YORK—Today, Stand Up America released a new poll, conducted in collaboration with Hart Research, on Americans’ attitudes on the Supreme Court ahead of the 2024 election. The poll revealed that the Supreme Court will play a crucial role in voters’ choices in the 2024 election. Nearly three in four voters (74%) say that the selection and confirmation of Supreme Court justices will be an important consideration for them in voting for both president and U.S. senator in 2024, including 80% of Democrats. 

“This poll makes it clear that the Supreme Court will be an important voting issue in the fall up and down the ballot up and down the ballot. Voters are fed up with the status quo,” said Sean Eldridge, founder and president of Stand Up America “They want an ethical Supreme Court that will protect our fundamental freedoms and serve the American people, not billionaires and right-wing extremists.” 

Additional poll toplines are listed below:

  • Voters want Congress to take action to reform the Supreme Court. By a 17-point margin (53%-36%), voters favor Congress taking action to reform the Supreme Court and the way it operates.
  • By an overwhelming 40-point margin, 64% to 24%, voters favor Congressional action to set 18-year term limits for current and future Supreme Court justices. 
  • By a 25-point margin voters say they would be more likely (45%) rather than less likely (20%) to vote for a congressional candidate who supports term limits for justices. 
  • Voters who say the Supreme Court will be very important in their voting decisions this year embrace reform of the Court by a 61%-28% margin.
  • Abortion is the most important issue for Democrats and Independents, and there is a 30-point margin (65%-35%) of voters believing abortion should be legal rather than illegal. 

Read more about the results here.

The TERM Act, re-introduced by U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (GA-04), would create 18-year terms for current and future Supreme Court justices and provide two appointments to the Court in each 4-year presidential term. In April, Stand Up America led over 50 advocacy organizations including March for Our Lives, Color of Change, Brennan Center for Justice, and End Citizens United/Let America Vote Action Fund, in endorsing the TERM Act.


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