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DECEMBER 1, 2023

Monica Garcia, [email protected] 

NEW YORK — Today, the House of Representatives voted to expel George Santos after a House Ethics report released earlier this month found that the New York congressman stole from his campaign, committed fraud, and lied to the federal government. A majority of Republicans in the House voted against expelling Congressman Santos. The vote comes after months of tireless efforts by government accountability advocates, and Santos’ own constituents, demanding his removal from office.

Stand Up America drove over 45,000 constituent calls and emails demanding their representatives hold Santos accountable and led more than 50 grassroots groups in New York to call on members of the state’s Congressional delegation to commit to voting to expel Santos from Congress.

Stand Up America Managing Director of Policy and Political Affairs Brett Edkins issued the following statement in response to Santos’ expulsion:

“Today’s vote is a long-overdue step toward accountability and honest representation for voters in New York’s third congressional district. Sadly, Santos’ expulsion wasn’t a result of a sudden moral awakening by his Republican colleagues. 

“Until the very end, Republican leaders tried to protect Santos, putting cronyism and political expediency over principled leadership. A majority of Republicans voted against Santos’ expulsion. That speaks volumes about the state of the Republican Party.

“The campaign finance laws that Santos clearly violated are essential to preventing and punishing corruption and helping voters make informed decisions at the polls. Now that Santos has been expelled from Congress, we look forward to seeing him held accountable by our legal system.”


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