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The 2024 Election is Less Than a Year Away. Here’s How We Can Fortify Our Elections.

November 20, 2023

Sarah Harris,

With the 2023 elections in the rearview mirror, attention turns to protecting the 2024 election and guaranteeing every American’s freedom to vote. With democracy under threat across the country, it’s more important than ever to fortify our elections. Unfortunately, Congress has once again punted appropriations, including elections infrastructure funding, until early next year. When Congress returns in the new year, lawmakers must prioritize adequate funding for our elections. 

Congress’s continued inaction could have catastrophic consequences for the 2024 election.  Election administrators are sounding the alarm about the urgent need for more resources to manage our elections. Robust election funding is needed to replace outdated equipment, hire staff to ensure redundancy and resilience and secure adequate polling sites. Congressional appropriations must also prioritize bolstering security measures to address safety concerns. Poll workers face escalating threats in recent years, fueled by lies and conspiracies from MAGA politicians like Donald Trump, aimed at overturning election results and undermining Americans’ freedom to vote. According to an April 2023 report, many election officials face death threats, online harassment, and abuse

Congress appropriated just $75 million for election administration in fiscal year 2023. While Congress recently punted FY2024 appropriations until next year, House Republicans already advanced legislation zeroing out election infrastructure funding altogether, leaving state and local elections officials to fend for themselves. That’s why the Election Infrastructure Initiative, a coalition including Stand Up America, continues to push for stronger federal election funding to protect poll workers and secure our elections in next year’s budget. The coalition believes at least $400 million is needed in FY2024 to adequately fund future elections. Congress must restore trust and security in our elections by passing adequate legislation to fund our elections for 2024 and beyond before it is too late. 

In the face of mounting challenges to our elections and freedom to vote, urgent action is imperative. The current state of our elections demands Congress’ attention.


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