Victory: Direct democracy saved in Ohio!


Big news! Ohio voters just turned out in droves to defeat Issue 1! 

That’s a huge blow to anti-choice special interests and anti-democratic politicians. They thought they could sneak through a constitutional amendment to end majority rule in Ohio in the middle of the summer and raise the threshold to pass ballot initiatives, just months before a November ballot initiative to protect abortion rights. 

Ohioans proved those corrupt politicians wrong. In an “off-year” August election, voters turned out in record numbers and sent a clear message that Americans will stand up to power-hungry politicians’ attacks on our democracy and our freedom to vote. 

This victory also belongs to you. In addition to the heroic work of activists in Ohio, volunteers across the country—including the Stand Up America community—mobilized to protect direct democracy in Ohio. 

Together, we sent over 1.4 million texts and 24,000 handwritten letters to voters, sounding the alarm about Issue 1 and encouraging them to show up to protect their democracy and fundamental freedoms. 

Every text, letter, and reminder helped push the needle toward victory. 

Thank you for being on the frontlines of protecting our democracy. Defeating Issue 1 is a huge victory for the national movement to protect Americans’ freedom to vote and our right to have a say in the policies that affect their lives, and we’re proud to work with you in this fight.