Protecting direct democracy and abortion access in Ohio


For over 100 years, Ohioans have used ballot issues to make their voices heard on healthcare, the economy, and their freedoms. But this August, anti-choice politicians and outside special interests want to take that away. Why? Because they don’t care about the will of the people. They only care about enacting their radical, anti-abortion agenda.

And they’re pulling out every trick in the book to get it done. Anti-choice politicians in Ohio called what they hope will be a low-turnout August election solely to try and pass Issue 1, which would raise the threshold to pass citizen-led ballot issues to 60%. 

It’s no coincidence that a measure that would protect abortion rights is expected to appear on the ballot this November. This is a blatant attempt to block any effort to codify the right to abortion access into Ohio law, and a direct attack on our democracy. 

If Issue 1 passes, the measure would completely do away with majority rule and the principle of one person, one vote, letting 41% of Ohioans decide policy for the other 59%. We can’t let that happen. Send a letter to a few key Ohio voters and urge them to turn out on August 8th and vote NO on Issue 1.

These bad actors don’t actually care what Ohio voters want. They’re simply flipping through their playbook, trying to find any way they can to enforce their draconian abortion laws. And after watching Kansas voters beat back an anti-choice bill last year, they’ve adapted their strategy. 

Let’s not play into their hands.

It’s up to us to defeat this amendment on August 8th, so we can ensure Ohioans’ voices continue to be heard and we can work together to restore reproductive freedom in November. We can make sure a landslide of pro-choice and pro democracy voters turns out and turns this sleepy August election into a referendum.

Send a letter to an Ohio voter and urge them to turn out on August 8th and defend their rights—the right to an abortion, the right for their vote to count equally, and the right to directly decide on the issues that matter most to them.