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MAY 16, 2023

Sarah Harris, [email protected] 

WASHINGTON — Today, Senator Ed Markey and Representative Hank Johnson reintroduced the Judiciary Act, legislation which would restore balance to the hyperpartisan U.S. Supreme Court by adding four new seats. The reintroduction comes as the Supreme Court faces a legitimacy crisis after reports of Justices Clarence Thomas’ and Neil Gorsuch’s glaring conflicts of interest and erroneous financial disclosures. 

Stand Up America’s Founder and President, Sean Eldridge, applauded the reintroduction:

“The Supreme Court is facing a legitimacy crisis. In recent years, right-wing justices on the Court have disregarded long-standing precedent and undermined Americans’ fundamental freedoms. Now, reported ethics violations by conservative justices have raised serious questions about the Supreme Court’s ability to impartially administer justice. It’s no wonder six in 10 Americans say they don’t have confidence in the Supreme Court. 

“The American people need bold action to protect our freedoms and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Senator Markey and Representative Johnson have heeded the call by reintroducing the Judiciary Act. This urgently-needed legislation would rebalance the Court to protect our fundamental freedoms and uphold long-standing precedents. 

“Every member of Congress who cares about protecting our democracy and our freedoms should support this effort to restore legitimacy to the highest court in the land.”

Stand Up America’s nearly 2 million members across the country have driven nearly 190,000 constituent emails and made nearly 7,000 calls urging their members of Congress to support the Judiciary Act. 


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