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Stand Up America Celebrates Re-Election of Senator Warnock in Georgia, Slams Trump Republicans’ Attempt to Elect a MAGA Crony To the Senate

DECEMBER 6, 2022

Sarah Harris, [email protected]

“MAGA Republicans’ plan to elect serial abortion hypocrite Herschel Walker as a rubber stamp on their radical agenda backfired tonight.”

WASHINGTON — Tonight, Stand Up America celebrated Senator Raphael Warnock winning a second term in the Senate representing Georgia. Senator Warnock defeated Trump-endorsed election denier and serial liar Herschel Walker, who does not even have his primary residence in the state of Georgia

In Georgia, Stand Up America members sent over 60,000 letters to voters to help get out the vote in partnership with Vote Forward and signed up for over 170 volunteer shifts.

Stand Up America’s Executive Director, Christina Harvey, issued the following statement on the win:

“MAGA Republicans’ plan to elect serial abortion hypocrite Herschel Walker as a rubber stamp on their radical agenda backfired tonight. Instead, Georgia voters delivered a victory for Senator Raphael Warnock, a lifelong champion of equality and our freedom to vote.

“Congratulations to the Warnock campaign and to the organizers on the ground in Georgia who have worked for years to make this victory possible. 

“I’m also thankful to our members for their role in sending Herschel Walker packing. From writing tens of thousands of letters to Georgia voters, to volunteering to make phone calls and knock doors, their work has helped give Democrats one more vote for fair and free elections in the U.S. Senate. We look forward to continuing to help elect democracy champions and stop election deniers from taking office.”

This election cycle, democracy defenders defeated MAGA election deniers in key races across the country, delivering a significant rebuke of Trumpism. Incumbent Secretary of State candidates who protected the will of the people in 2020 were reelected in Michigan and Minnesota; democracy defending Secretary of State candidates in Arizona and Nevada defeated election deniers; democracy champions defended the governorships of MichiganPennsylvania, and Wisconsin and also flipped Pennsylvania’s seat in the U.S. Senate

Stand Up America’s members mailed more than 300,000 letters urging voters in key states to go to the polls, sent more than 2.5 million peer-to-peer texts, volunteered for over 5,500 shifts, and submitted more than 6,000 letters to the editor, all in support of democracy defenders and key pro-democracy ballot initiatives. Stand Up America’s digital ads contrasting Secretary of State candidates and registering voters in key states reached over 30 million voters.


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