Insurrectionists are running and winning. Here’s how we fight back.


As I’ve been watching the January 6th Commission hearings over the last few weeks, all I can think about is that some of the same insurrectionists who helped fuel Trump’s criminal conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election are running for office this year—and many would be in charge of our elections if they win. 

The January 6 hearings have proven how President Trump and his allies planned, promoted, and paid for a months-long criminal conspiracy to overturn the election they knew they lost. Now those allies are running for every office from secretary of state to county clerk so that they can sabotage future elections they lose and take away not only our freedom to vote but to choose our own leaders. 

I know that. You know that. But do your friends and neighbors know it? Here’s how you can make sure they do.

Send a pre-written letter to the editor now to spread the word about the key findings of the January 6th hearings and why we must defeat these insurrectionists up and down the ballot.

Purging all eligible voters from the rolls, ending early and mail-in voting, closing polling places, and making it easier to send a false slate of electors. These have all been proposed by Trump Republicans running for office in 2022. If we don’t sound the alarm, these are the people who  could have the final say over election results—in 2023 and beyond.

We’re not going to stand idly by while these insurrectionists try to completely change the face of democracy. The only way to stop them is to beat them at the ballot box. But we can’t do it alone.

In two clicks, send a pre-written letter to the editor now so that everyone knows how important these midterm elections are to defend our freedom to vote—and ensure our votes decide elections.