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Advocates Remind Biden on Eve of Voting Rights Speech in Georgia: It’s Time to Act on Protecting the Freedom to Vote

JANUARY 10, 2022 

Anushka Sarkar, Stand Up America, [email protected]
Kenny Palmer, Indivisible, [email protected]
Kawana Lloyd, People for the American Way, [email protected]
Edward Erikson, Free Speech for People, [email protected]
Morgan Stahr, Blue Future, [email protected]
Spencer Olson, Declaration for American Democracy, [email protected]
Cindy Carr, Sierra Club, [email protected]

“The American people are eager to hear President Biden and Vice President Harris’s specific plan to pass voting rights legislation this month.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tomorrow, President Biden and Vice President Harris will head to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with civil rights leaders and deliver remarks on voting rights. Leaders in the fight to pass crucial voting rights legislation through the Senate—including Stand Up America, Indivisible, People for the American Way, DemCast USA, Free Speech For People, Declaration for American Democracy, Blue Future, and The Sierra Club—released the following statement on the eve of Biden and Harris’s visit to Georgia:

“Last August, this coalition came together, joined by the family of the late Hon. John Lewis, to deliver 400,000 signatures to the White House calling on President Biden to use his soapbox to pressure the Senate to end the filibuster and ensure the passage of voting rights legislation. Last month, President Biden heard our calls and finally endorsed filibuster reform. Today, the American people need their president to ramp up the pressure.
“With the midterm elections drawing near and no Senate action yet on voting rights legislation—one of the president and vice president’s keystone campaign promises—they know the stakes are higher than ever. 
“President Biden and Vice President Harris must do more than deliver broad platitudes to long-time civil rights leaders. We look forward to hearing their specific plan to pass voting rights legislation this month, and to seeing the administration do everything in its power to get it done.” 

The statement above was released by: Stand Up America, Indivisible, People for the American Way, DemCast USA, Free Speech For People, Declaration for American Democracy, Blue Future, and The Sierra Club.

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