Here’s How We Win Same-Day Registration in New Jersey


Across the country, we’ve seen conservative state legislatures rolling back voting access—sending us back to an era of voter suppression we thought we’d left behind.

But New Jersey has the opportunity to do the opposite, and lead our democracy in the right direction by expanding voting rights.

During this special session, the New Jersey State Legislature is considering a new bill to implement same-day voter registration, which would allow eligible voters in New Jersey to register to vote up to and on Election Day. This would clear away the current arbitrary voter registration deadlines that disproportionately block people of color, young people, and anyone who has recently moved from casting a ballot, so our elections and democracy would become more representative. 

It would also increase turnout overall. States with same-day voter registration have 5 percent greater voter turnout than states without it. If the 2020 election taught us anything, it’s that 5 percent turnout in a given state or district can be the deciding factor in a race.

Send an email to your state lawmakers, urging them to pass same-day voter registration as soon as possible to strengthen New Jersey’s democracy for years to come: