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Stand Up America: Leaders, Media Must Call Out Trump’s Efforts To Cast Doubt On Election Results

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Ryan Thomas
[email protected]
(763) 954-0470

Following Trump’s latest tweet falsely claiming the election is rigged and in response to reports about delayed election returns, Stand Up America spokesperson Ryan Thomas issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump and his allies have been pushing this disinformation for years, lying about voter fraud and already calling the upcoming election rigged in order to suppress the vote and sow doubt about the results. This isn’t the kind of behavior we should expect from the president and certainly not the behavior of a man who thinks he can win fairly.

“The fact is that we will not get results on election night—it may take days or even longer for states to count the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots needed to conduct a safe election after Trump botched the response to the coronavirus. The baseless charges being spread by Trump and his allies in the right-wing media about the election results are not only damaging to the foundation of our democracy, but also wholly unAmerican.

“It’s incumbent upon election officials, the press, and our country’s leaders to make it abundantly clear to the American people that election returns will be delayed due to the pandemic and to call out Trump’s efforts to cast doubt on the outcome of the election.”

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