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A Resource For Volunteering — And Seeking Help From Volunteers

COVID-19 is ravaging our economy, threatening our democracy, filling our hospitals, and disrupting just about every aspect of our daily lives — but the negative impacts of this pandemic are not the whole story.

We’ve also seen incredible acts of kindness and generosity, from donated meals for frontline workers to millions of dollars in donations to fund a COVID-19 vaccine. And the speed at which grassroots groups have adapted to online organizing is astounding. 

You usually hear from our team at Stand Up America about how you can use your voice to strengthen our democracy and resist Trump’s corruption. But today, we want to put politics aside for a moment to offer an important resource. 

Town Hall Project and AARP have come together to create a map of aid groups in every state who are organizing volunteers to help anyone who is at risk and the workers who are on the front lines of this fight.  

If you want to help, or you need help yourself, you can click here to search their map and find a group near you.

This website is not just for folks who are looking to volunteer. It’s also a place to get help from a group in your neighborhood, because getting the support you need should be easy and accessible.

These groups are formed in local communities, so there is some variety in what they offer and how they’re structured. Some of the volunteer opportunities involve leaving the house, so use your best judgement when deciding to sign up for activities, and be sure to follow AARP’s safety guidelines if you do sign up for an in-person activity. But many groups do offer remote opportunities, such as donating money, providing your professional skills for free (if you’re a lawyer or doctor, for example), or checking in on members of the community via phone or video call. 

In this challenging time, when we are so physically distant from one another, it’s important for us to come together in whatever ways we can to help those who need it the most. Click here to either volunteer or request volunteer help using AARP’S website.