Defend Democracy This November


Our fundamental freedoms and our democracy are on the line this November. From our freedom to vote and choose our elected leaders to our right to access abortion care, there is no shortage of reasons to vote in the upcoming elections. 

No matter what issue you care about most, we won’t make progress on that issue if we don’t elect a secretary of state who will protect our voices and our votes. 

This is your guide to defending our democracy and choosing the right secretary of state for Nevada.

Your Secretary of State Candidates

Nevada’s secretary of state is the top election official, with the power to certify election results and make voting accessible for all Nevada citizens. Here are your candidates:

Cisco Aguilar (D)

✅ Will protect mail in voting and early voting

✅ Will expand automatic voter registration and protections for poll workers

✅ Wants to remove barriers to voter participation and defend every Nevadan’s freedom to vote

✅ Supports women’s right to make decisions about their healthcare

Jim Marchant (R)

🚨 Endorsed by Donald Trump

🚨 Said he would not have certified the 2020 election victory for Joe Biden

🚨 Wants to eliminate early voting, mail in voting, and voting machines

🚨 Supports a ban on nearly all abortions

The choice is clear. 

To protect free and fair elections, our freedom to vote, and our ability to choose our leaders, Nevadans should elect Cisco Aguilar for secretary of state this November. 

The winner will have the power to strengthen Nevada’s democracy—or tear it down. You decide.

Make your plan to vote

Enter your full address below to make a plan to defend democracy in Nevada by finding your polling place, the closest in-person early voting location, or where you can drop off a mail-in ballot.

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