Michigan: Vote Yes on Proposal 2

Last year alone, 19 states passed 34 laws restricting our freedom to vote. But now, Michigan voters have the chance to fight back and ensure that their voices are heard and their votes are protected, no matter what political party or candidate they support.

Proposal 2 is filled with common-sense solutions that will make voting convenient and secure for every community in Michigan, so our service members, working families, elderly voters, voters with disabilities, and rural voters can have confidence that their vote will be counted and their voice will be heard.

Simply put: Voting YES on Proposal 2 would enhance the security of our elections and protect every Michigander’s freedom to vote.

Proposal 2 would:

  • Protect the ability of every Michigan voter, regardless of what political party or candidate they support, to vote without intimidation, harassment, or interference;
  • Create nine days of early in-person voting for ALL eligible voters and strengthen voting options like absentee voting and secure ballot dropboxes;
  • Ensure Michigan voters serving in the military will have their ballot counted if postmarked by Election Day;
  • Enhance the integrity and security of our elections by modernizing how we administer elections; and
  • Protect the will of Michigan voters from manipulation by ensuring election results are based on the official records of the votes cast.

What happens in Michigan this November will have lasting consequences for the freedom to vote and protecting our democracy nationwide. Make sure you’re ready to cast your ballot and make a plan to vote now: 

Don’t live in Michigan but still want to help? Make a contribution to Promote the Vote 2022 today to help ensure that Proposal 2 passes.

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