Electing Democracy Champions

The Problem

For decades, conservatives have used voter suppression and gerrymandering to take and maintain control of local, state, and federal offices. Then, they use their power to make it even harder to vote, take away our freedoms, block progress on countless issues, and govern on behalf of the wealthiest individuals and corporations.

Trump’s election in 2016 opened a new door for extremism. His tactics, refusing to accept the results of free and fair elections and spreading disinformation to subvert democracy, have become staples of what it means to be a MAGA Republican elected official. 

The 2022 midterm was a stunning example of this. MAGA candidates were building campaigns around denying the 2020 election results and making voting less accessible, and one in six voters had an election denier on their ballot. Extremists in states like Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, and Nevada threw their hats in the ring to become their state’s top election officials, threatening the results of the 2024 election and the freedom to vote. 

At the same time, the United States Senate let the filibuster stand in the way of passing legislation to protect the freedom to vote, leaving states even more vulnerable to these extremist candidates and policies.

The Solution

To build a truly representative democracy, we must defeat MAGA extremists and elect more democracy champions into office at the local, state, and federal levels. 

We made important progress in 2022. Election denying secretary of state candidates were defeated in key states like Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, and Nevada, ensuring that elections would be run fairly and the will of voters respected. But not every election-denier was defeated in 2022, including MAGA extremists who now control the United States House of Representatives.

Ensuring that democracy champions prevail in 2024 and beyond is critical to protecting the freedom to vote nationwide, reducing the power of wealthy donors, and finally making progress on countless issues, from gun safety to climate action and so much more.

The Path to Winning

The Stand Up America community has played a key role in defeating Trumpism, beating back election denying extremists, and expanding access to the ballot box for all Americans. We’re committed to electing democracy champions and defeating MAGA extremists up and down the ballot.

Our members have written over 1 million letters to voters in key states, contacted over 36 million voters, registered over 94,000 voters, and submitted 6,500 letters to the editor supporting pro-democracy candidates and ballot initiatives. Our influencers and our digital ads have reached millions more, educating, registering and turning out voters.  

Stand Up America will continue to mobilize our members and voters to defeat MAGA extremists and elect democracy champions up and down the ballot—from secretaries of state and state supreme court judges to members of Congress.