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JUNE 24, 2024 

Sarah Harris, [email protected] 

WASHINGTON — On the second anniversary of the controversial Dobbs v. Jackson decision, Stand Up America announced the launch of a seven-figure digital campaign aimed at educating and mobilizing voters on the impact the next president will have on the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. With four of the nine current justices set to be in their 70s by 2025, the next president may have the opportunity to appoint their replacements, potentially reshaping the Court for generations to come.

A recent survey conducted by Stand Up America revealed that a significant majority of voters consider the selection and confirmation of new Supreme Court justices a pivotal factor in their choices for President and U.S. Senate in the November election. Furthermore, data indicates that voters exposed to messages that make a connection between this election, the Supreme Court, and the future of our fundamental freedoms are more likely to vote for President Joe Biden. 

Stand Up America Executive Director Christina Harvey issued the following statement about today’s launch:

“We are sounding the alarm that the decision voters make at the ballot box this November will shape the Court and our fundamental freedoms for generations. In 2025, when the next president takes office, four Supreme Court justices will be in their 70s.

“If Trump wins, he could ensure MAGA control of the Court for decades to come, which would have a huge impact on upcoming cases impacting abortion access, gun safety, voting rights, and our other fundamental freedoms. We can’t let that happen. That’s why Stand Up America is partnering with activists, celebrities, and content creators to spread the word about what is at stake in this election.

“The outcome of the 2024 election won’t just be felt for four years — it will be felt for decades.”

With voter enthusiasm in this year’s presidential race at a 20-year low, Stand Up America’s “Supreme Court Voter” campaign is designed to galvanize voters by emphasizing the consequences of this election for the Supreme Court and the Court’s impact on everything from abortion care to gun safety to voting rights. Key components of the campaign include:

  • Collaborating with celebrities and creators, including Barbara Streisand, Andy Cohen, Raven Schwam-Curtis (@ravenreveals), Dr. Jennifer Lincoln (@drjenniferlincon), and Asha Rangappa (@AshaRangappa_) to emphasize the stakes of the election and urge Americans to pledge to be a Supreme Court voter.
  • Launching a site providing essential information about the Court, a pledge to be a Supreme Court voter, voter registration verification, and volunteer opportunities;
  • Launching a paid media campaign targeting voters in battleground states that uses texting and digital ads to persuade and turn out unlikely voters.

Stand Up America has been a leading voice advocating for Supreme Court reform, Stand Up America community members across the country have driven over 800,000 constituent calls and emails to Congress calling for legislative action on Supreme Court reform.

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