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JUNE 27, 2024

Tracy Adair, [email protected]

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After leaving pregnant Idaho women in the lurch for months, the Supreme Court chose to send Idaho v. United States and Moyle v. United States back to the lower courts, leaving the door open for new attacks on reproductive freedom after the 2024 election.

Stand Up America’s Executive Director, Christina Harvey, issued the following statement on today’s decision:

“The Roberts Court’s decision to take up Idaho v. United States endangered the lives of pregnant Americans and did irreparable harm. By staying the lower court’s decision, the Supreme Court allowed Idaho’s extreme abortion ban to take effect while it considered the case. In the meantime, for months, the lives of women in Idaho were callously put at risk, with multiple patients having to be medevacked out of the state to receive care. 

“By overturning Roe, the MAGA majority on the Court opened the door to extreme abortion bans like the one in Idaho. If Trump is elected again, he will appoint even more justices who could uphold future abortion bans and endanger our fundamental freedoms for decades.

“With the future of our fundamental freedoms on the line, we will be mobilizing millions of Americans to turn out this year as Supreme Court voters and re-elect President Biden. That is the only way we can stop Trump from appointing even more right-wing justices who will impact abortion access and our other fundamental freedoms for decades to come.”

On Monday, the second anniversary of the controversial Dobbs v. Jackson decision, Stand Up America launched a seven-figure Supreme Court Voter campaign aimed at educating and mobilizing voters on the impact the next president will have on the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. With four of the nine current justices set to be in their 70s by 2025, the next president may have the opportunity to appoint their replacements, potentially reshaping the Court for generations to come.


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