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MAY 30, 2024

Sarah Harris, [email protected]

Verdict reaffirms the principle that no one – not even a former president – is above the law

NEW YORK—In a historic verdict, a jury of everyday Americans has found Donald Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts in the People of the State of New York v. Donald Trump. Trump was found to have falsified business records to hide information from voters before the 2016 presidential election.

Stand Up America Founder and President Sean Eldridge issued the following statement in response to today’s verdict:

“Today’s verdict reaffirms that no one is above the law in the United States of America, including a former president. Falsification of business records is a serious crime, and Trump is finally being held accountable like any other American would.

“This verdict is not just about ‘hush money payments.’ It’s about an illegal attempt to hide the truth from voters just days before the 2016 election, and it’s part of Trump’s clear pattern of doing anything – including breaking the law – in order to cling to power.

“Despite this monumental verdict, one trial isn’t going to keep Trump out of the White House. The jurors have done their duty, and now it’s up to the American people to protect our democracy by holding Trump accountable at the ballot box and ensuring that a convicted fraudster never steps foot in the Oval Office again.”


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