Protecting and Expanding Voting Rights in Connecticut


Right now, we’re facing a heavily divided Congress, which means the likelihood of making progress on anything at the federal level—including voting rights legislation—is slim to none. In the states, MAGA Republicans are pushing voter suppression legislation, and it’s spreading like wildfire, with states shutting down polling places, attempting to ban mail-in voting, and generally trying to keep voters of color away from the ballot box.

But we have a chance to set a powerful example of how to protect and expand the freedom to vote—by passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act of Connecticut (SB1226). 

This bold legislation is coming not a moment too soon because in Connecticut, there’s definitely room for improvement. A recent study ranked Connecticut 30th in the nation for ease of voting. It’s easy to see why—Black and Latino voters in particular face longer voting lines, inaccessible polling locations, limited access to language assistance, and even outright intimidation.

Passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act of Connecticut would turn that around by making the state a national leader in protecting voting rights and combating barriers to equal participation in our democracy. 

Specifically, the legislation would:

  • Create stronger protections against voter intimidation, deception, and obstruction;
  • Make it easier for Connecticut voters to challenge any discriminatory barriers to the ballot box in court;
  • Launch a preclearance program that requires local governments with a history of discrimination to prove that changes to voting won’t harm voters of color before they can go into effect; and
  • Expand language assistance for voters who speak English as a second language.

Every eligible American should be able to exercise their freedom to vote without barriers or intimidation. Use our tool below to send an email to your representatives and urge them to pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of Connecticut (SB1226) now.