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Stand Up America Applauds Minnesota Senate for Passing Critical Voting Rights Restoration Legislation

FEBRUARY 21, 2023

Sarah Harris,

ST. PAUL — Today, Minnesota state senators voted to advance HF 28, legislation to restore voting rights to over 55,000 Minnesotans on probation and parole. The bill is part of Minnesota progressives’ robust democracy agenda for the legislative session, which also includes modernizing Minnesota’s campaign finance system, and implementing automatic voter registration. The bill will move to Governor Tim Walz’s desk.

Stand Up America’s Deputy Political Director, Reggie Thedford, commented on the passage:

“Today, Minnesota lawmakers are setting an example for the rest of the country by voting to create a more inclusive democracy. Although the voting rights of any American should never be stripped away to begin with, the passage of this legislation brings us one step closer to rectifying the injustice of felony disenfranchisement and ensuring the government is responsive to the needs of all Minnesotans living in the community. 

“Stand Up America is proud to work in solidarity with local and state groups to make sure the robust democracy agenda this legislation is part of crosses the finish line.”

Since the start of session, Stand Up America’s over 8,000 members in Minnesota have sent hundreds of emails to lawmakers encouraging them to pass critical democracy measures, including rights restoration. Stand Up America will also be launching digital advertisements to educate Minnesotans on the democracy measures moving through the legislature. 

In every election since 2004over 5 million Americans have been disenfranchised by state laws that prevent people with felony convictions from voting. Even more people are disenfranchised because of confusion around eligibility laws that vary by state and often are misinterpreted even by government officials. At the same time, voter intimidation is growing in America. Recent polling from Stand Up America and their partners shows that the majority of voters (56%) believe voting should be a guaranteed right for all.

To speak with a Stand Up America representative about their work in Minnesota or on rights restoration, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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