Strengthening Democracy in New Mexico


From recent acts of political violence to rogue officials attempting to overturn the will of voters, our state’s democracy is under attack. Now is the moment for our elected officials to protect and expand our freedom to vote in New Mexico.

Passing the New Mexico Voting Rights Act (HB4) would send a clear message to election deniers and political arsonists that New Mexicans will stand up for the freedom to vote and fair and free elections. 

This sweeping pro-democracy package would:

  • Give New Mexicans more voting options by allowing them to opt-into a permanent mail-in voting list. This is a tried and tested way to help voters who might have trouble accessing in person voting locations participate in our democracy and eases the workload on election administrators.
  • Improve ballot access for New Mexico’s Tribal communities. This provision would standardize early voting on tribal lands and guarantee much-needed resources for polling places and secure ballot drop boxes.
  • Restore voting rights for the more than 17,000 New Mexicans locked out of the electoral process because of felony convictions. This would expand our democracy and advance racial justice by automatically restoring the right to vote for ALL citizens living in the community.
  • Enhance voter data privacy. This is especially important for healthcare providers and other community members that may be at higher risk should their addresses be made public. 
  • Make Election Day a school holiday.

And that’s just to name a few! 

New Mexicans deserve a democracy that works for everyone, whether they are voters who can’t always make it to the polls in person, citizens with prior felony convictions who have been left out of the democratic process altogether, or Tribal members whose unique needs are often forgotten when it’s time to make voting policy.

If we want every New Mexican to have a say in the future of our state, it’s time to act. 

Urge your leaders in Santa Fe to take meaningful action by passing the New Mexico Voting Rights Act TODAY: