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FEBRUARY 22, 2023

Tracy Adair, [email protected]

SANTA FE, NM — Last night, the New Mexico House voted to advance HB4, legislation that will restore voting rights to over 17,000 New Mexicans impacted by discriminatory felony disenfranchisement laws, enhance voter data privacy, improve automatic voter registration, make Election Day a school holiday, and increase ballot access for Tribal communities. This vote comes after advocates from across the state gathered for a Democracy Day in support of this legislation last week.

Brett Edkins, Managing Director of Policy and Political Affairs, commented on the passage:

“Last night, the New Mexico House reaffirmed that a truly representative democracy requires every eligible voter to be able to cast their ballot without barriers. The House passage of HB4 is a pivotal step to protect the freedom to vote in the Land of Enchantment, setting New Mexico apart from other states that are actively restricting the right to vote.

“From guaranteeing much-needed resources for polling places and secure drop boxes in Tribal communities, to rectifying the injustice of discriminatory felony disenfranchisement laws, the New Mexico Voting Rights Act will help build a democracy that works for all New Mexicans.

“We urge legislators in the Senate to follow the House’s lead and protect everyday New Mexicans’ freedom to vote by swiftly passing this crucial legislation.”

As part of the Voting Rights Act Coalition, which is made up of over 40 New Mexico and national organizations, Stand Up America’s nearly 4,000 members in New Mexico will be making calls and sending emails to their lawmakers throughout the session in support of the New Mexico Voting Rights Act. Stand Up America’s community is not new to fighting for measures to shore up democracy at the state level. Last year, Stand Up America’s members drove more than 1,800 calls and 15,000 emails to legislators and sent over 650,000 texts to voters in support of state-level measures that would strengthen democracy in Arizona, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, and beyond.

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