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DECEMBER 7, 2022

Sarah Harris, [email protected]

“That SCOTUS chose to take up Moore v. Harper at all is proof that it has been hijacked by political appointees with an extreme right-wing agenda.”

WASHINGTON— Today, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Moore v. Harper, a case that could neuter state supreme courts’ ability to protect the freedom to vote and give state legislatures the last word on redistricting and administering elections.

Stand Up America’s Managing Director for Policy and Political Affairs, Brett Edkins, issued the following statement on today’s oral arguments:

“Radical Republicans are asking the Supreme Court to overturn more than 200 years of precedent in a desperate attempt to rig our elections and undermine our freedom to vote. If the Court’s far-right supermajority rules in their favor, state legislators could be given carte blanche to nullify independent commissions that combat partisan gerrymandering, bypass state governors, and even ignore voting rights protections written into state constitutions. State courts would be powerless to stop them. 

“This lawsuit is nothing more than a power grab by politicians who want to cherry-pick their voters and dilute the power of young voters, urban voters, and voters of color. The fact that the Supreme Court chose to take up this case at all is proof that it has been hijacked by political appointees with an extreme right-wing agenda. Now is the time for members of Congress to stand up and support the Judiciary Act to expand and restore balance to this out-of-control Supreme Court.”


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