A Note From Us to You


As we look back on 2022, we asked members of the Stand Up America team to share what they saw during the year that inspired them to keep pushing forward, even when the fight was tough. 

Sarah, Press Secretary

I saw the power of our voices and work to protect democracy in down ballot races!

Christina, Executive Director

Seeing our volunteers text millions of voters to explain complicated ballot proposals that impact our right to vote — and help win!

Monica, Managing Director, Communications

Seeing SUA members write thousands of letters to Nevada voters to warn them about MAGA Secretary of State candidate Jim Marchant.

Kim, SMS & Organizing Director

That no matter how stacked the odds are against you, there is power in people coming together to demand change. We won races & protected democracy because of our community and others standing up for what’s right.

You’ve inspired us so much throughout the year. We hope that you’ll consider chipping in so we can hit the ground running and continue to fight for our freedom to vote and our democracy in 2023.

Have a happy and safe holiday season—we look forward to fighting alongside you in the new year!