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NOVEMBER 9, 2022

Sarah Harris,

Victories Help Build Firewall for Elections in 2024 and Beyond

This Cycle, Stand Up America’s Members Took Millions of Actions in Support of Democracy Defenders and Ballot Initiatives Across the Country

WASHINGTON — Last night, democracy defenders defeated MAGA election deniers in key races across the country, delivering a significant rebuke of Trumpism. Incumbent Secretary of State candidates who protected the will of the people in 2020 were reelected in Michigan and Minnesota, and democracy champions defended the governorships of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and flipped Pennsylvania’s seat in the U.S. Senate. 

Michiganders passed Proposal 2, a constitutional amendment to protect the freedom to vote and depoliticize the process of certifying election results.

Stand Up America’s President and Founder, Sean Eldridge, issued the following statement on tonight’s election results: 

“This election was a significant rebuke of MAGA extremism and election deniers. Voters sent a powerful message that our elected leaders must protect our fundamental freedoms, including the right to an abortion and the freedom to choose our own leaders. From Pennsylvania to Minnesota, voters elected democracy champions up and down the ballot. 

“We’re proud of the work that Stand Up America’s members did to oppose MAGA Republicans and support democracy champions across the country. Our members wrote hundreds of thousands of handwritten letters to voters, sent millions of texts, and submitted thousands of letters to the editor to educate their fellow Americans about what was at stake in this election.

“However, our work is not done. Our democracy is not out of the woods yet. With Republicans favored to take control of the House, we’re going to face escalating right-wing attacks on the Biden administration, on the rule of law, and on our elections. And with a divided Congress, our local and state advocacy to protect the freedom to vote and free and fair elections across the country will be more important than ever. With our 2 million democracy defenders and our track record of running dozens of local, state, and federal advocacy campaigns, we’re well-positioned to meet the moment and continue to defend democracy in 2023 and beyond.”

This cycle, Stand Up America mobilized its 2 million members across the country and made a seven-figure investment in the 2022 midterm elections to build a firewall for 2024 and beyond—including by electing democracy champions to Secretary of State offices in Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, and Nevada, and helping to pass ballot initiatives like Proposal 2 in Michigan.

Across the county, Stand Up America’s community members sent more than 250,000 letters to their fellow Americans, texted over 2 million voters, volunteered for nearly 5,500 shifts, and submitted more than 6,000 letters to the editors in support of democracy defenders and key ballot initiatives. Stand Up America’s digital ads contrasting Secretary of State candidates and registering voters in target states reached over 30 million voters.

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