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Supreme Court Will Review Case That Could Spur Partisan Gerrymandering and Endanger Voting Rights

JUNE 30, 2022 

Monica Garcia, [email protected]

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority announced it will review Moore v. Harper, a case that could shift final say over electoral maps and voting rights from state supreme courts and governors solely to partisan state legislatures, potentially endangering all future fair elections.

Stand Up America’s Managing Director for Policy and Political Affairs, Brett Edkins, responded to the Court’s announcement:

“After overturning abortion rights, striking down gun safety laws, and hamstringing the federal government’s efforts to protect our air and water, the Supreme Court teased what nightmare it has in store for us next. The far-right supermajority of the Supreme Court announced that it will take up a case that could upend state supreme courts’ ability to rein in out-of-control, partisan state legislatures. Among other things, the case could pour gasoline on partisan gerrymandering, giving politicians the last word on drawing electoral maps, obliterate state courts’ authority to uphold voter protections embodied in state constitutions, and potentially let state legislators reject presidential election results that they don’t like. This endangers the very fabric of our democracy. We must pass the Judiciary Act to restore balance to this out-of-control Supreme Court and ensure they uphold long-standing precedents—not their own radical political agenda.”

Since last week, Stand Up America’s members have driven nearly 70,000 emails and calls to their members of Congress in support of expanding the Court, and submitted over 10,000 letters to the editor of their local papers. In total, our members have sent over 130,000 emails to Congress, made over 5,000 constituent calls, and submitted over 15,000 letters to the editor in support of expanding the Court.

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