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Stand Up America, Arizona Voting Rights Advocates Condemn GOP Assault on Freedom to Vote in State Legislature

MARCH 23, 2022

Anushka Sarkar, [email protected]

PHOENIX, AZ — Today, leaders from Stand Up America, Progress Arizona, Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), and Arizonans for Fair Elections held a press call to condemn GOP legislation now moving through the Arizona state legislature that would block voters’ access to the polls. The anti-voter measures could throw millions of Arizonans off the voter rolls, enact strict voter ID requirements, make it harder to register to vote, and create long lines at polling places.

“In 2021, Stand Up America members in Arizona made more than 3,000 constituent calls and sent nearly 10,000 emails in opposition to Republican voter suppression efforts,” said Christina Harvey, Executive Director for Stand Up America. “We’re back here today fighting another slate of anti-voter legislation, and the worst part is that this was completely avoidable. Senator Sinema, along with Senator Manchin and the entire Senate Republican Caucus, shifted the burden of defending the freedom to vote to ordinary Arizonans. We must do everything in our power to stop Arizona Republicans’ efforts to take away our voice and our vote.”

“This movement is about our people, unlike the political games being played right now to exclude us. When we unite behind equal access to voting, around making sure we all have a voice, we win,” said Joel Edman, co-lead for Arizonans for Fair Elections. 

“These voter suppression bills in our legislature are a direct response to the Latino voters and voters of color that played a decisive role In the 2020 election. AZ Republicans see the writing on the wall. They fear this coalition of voters will one day soon remove them from power. That is why they are on a mission to silence us and to silence our communities…There is a war on democracy in the state of Arizona. But LUCHA is fighting back! We need to put a magnifying glass over Arizona and expose the Republican efforts to turn AZ into a Jim Crow state,” said Gina Mendez, Campaign Manager for Living United for Change in Arizona.

“Arizona voters have been watching and we are ready to make our voices heard this year. We should be able to have access to the ballot without facing barriers or intimidation imposed by our very own GOP controlled legislature,” said Paulette Zinzun, Voting Rights Coalition Coordinator with Progress Arizona. 

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