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Florida Senate Passes Anti-Voter Freedom Legislation

MARCH 7, 2022 

Anushka Sarkar,

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Friday, the Florida Senate passed SB 524, anti-voter legislation that severely restricts Floridians access to the ballot by implementing more frequent voter purges, criminalizing ballot harvesting, and creating an Election Crimes Unit to intimidate and harass voters. Stand Up America community members in Florida have driven nearly 3,000 calls and emails calling on their legislators to oppose SB 524.

Stand Up America Executive Director Christina Harvey had the following response:

“After touting Florida’s elections as the ‘gold standard,’ Florida Republicans have done an about-face to appeal to the most extreme factions of their party and to boost Governor DeSantis’ 2024 hopes. Voters and taxpayers will suffer as a result.

“This Anti-Voter Freedom Act is a waste of taxpayer dollars that puts one man’s political aspirations above the needs of everyday Floridians. Members of the Florida House must do everything in their power to keep Governor DeSantis and his cronies from ramming this bill through the lower chamber. Floridians’ freedom to vote depends on it.”

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