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Biden’s SCOTUS Advisory Group Must Call For Supreme Court Expansion

OCTOBER 15, 2021

Anushka Sarkar, [email protected]

White House SCOTUS Commission to Hold Meeting Today, Deliver Full Report to President Biden Next Month

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States will convene. The group, composed of the nation’s top constitutional experts, released a preliminary draft yesterday that included broad analysis of proposed Supreme Court reforms. Notably, however, the commission failed to make any clear recommendations in the preliminary draft related to expanding the Supreme Court.

Stand Up America’s Managing Director of Policy & Political Affairs, Brett Edkins, commented on the Commission’s report:

“Biden’s commission is waffling in the muddy middle of nowhere. The commission wrote 200 hundred pages on legal history and competing proposals to improve the Supreme Court, but failed to make the one recommendation they actually needed to make: Expand the court.

“Americans witnessed the dangerous impact of the right-wing takeover of the Supreme Court during the Trump administration, and now the Supreme Court’s approval rating is the lowest it has been in modern history. The Supreme Court is no longer a fair and balanced body of constitutional review—instead, it has become a politicized extension of the Republican party’s anti-democratic agenda.

“Regardless of what the White House commission concludes in its final report to President Biden next month, Democrats must move swiftly to pass the Judiciary Act to add four seats to the court before it’s too late. In the next year, this radical Supreme Court could gut Roe v. Wade, eradicate common sense gun control measures, and further erode our fundamental freedom to vote. Restoring balance to our nation’s highest court is needed now.”

Stand Up America’s grassroots community began mobilizing earlier this year in support of the Judiciary Act of 2021. To date, Stand Up America’s members have sent nearly 24,000 emails to their representatives in the House urging them to co-sponsor this legislation. Stand Up America’s Managing Director of Policy & Political Affairs, Brett Edkins, recently submitted testimony to the Presidential Commission of the Supreme Court of the United States in support of expanding the court and enacting other reforms to restore balance and integrity. Mr. Edkins’s testimony can be found here.

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