We’re Asking Biden to Support Ending the Filibuster


On July 13, 2021, President Biden gave an impassioned speech about Republicans’ assault on our freedom to vote and the urgent need for federal legislation to protect it.

But there was one important word missing from his speech: the filibuster.

President Biden is absolutely right that we need the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to enact national standards for voting access, but in order to pass either bill, we must end the filibuster.

Now more than ever, we need President Biden’s leadership and his public support for demanding that the Senate end the filibuster.

Just a few weeks ago, Senate Republicans used the filibuster to block debate from even beginning on federal voting rights legislation. Nothing will change in the Senate, unless we change the broken rules of the game. 

President Biden has the largest soap box in the nation, and we need him to use it to help end the filibuster. Sign our petition and help send a clear message to the White House that the American people want action to protect our freedom to vote—and we won’t let the filibuster stand in the way.