The Oregon legislative session is over — but we’re not finished yet


This wasn’t the update that I wanted to give, but sometimes the halls of government work on a different time table than ours.

Oregon’s legislative session is over and SB 571—which would allow those in prison to register and vote in elections based on where they resided prior to incarceration—got stuck in the Ways and Means Committee. That means we’ll have to wait until the next session for our lawmakers to take up this bill.

We fought hard, and I wanted to commend you for everything you’ve done to get SB 571 passed. You and the rest of the Stand Up America community in Oregon sent hundreds and hundreds of emails to your state legislators, urging them to protect everyone’s freedom to vote and enfranchise all eligible Oregonians.

When the legislative session does reconvene in the fall, you can bet that we’ll be ready to put the pressure back on so we can get SB 571 passed. It’s up to us to put Oregon on the map as the first state in the nation to re-enfranchise individuals in prison.

For now, rest, relax, and please keep yourself and loved ones safe and cool. We’ll let you know when the fight’s back on in Oregon.