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Stand Up America Blasts Texas GOP After SB7 Passes Texas Senate

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Ryan Thomas
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Group Drove Hundreds of Constituent Calls to Senate Opposing Bill

After the passage of SB7 through the Texas State Senate, Stand Up America Political Director Brett Edkins issued the following statement:

“This shameful attack on the right to vote is a disgusting display of partisanship from Texas Republicans. It’s clear that the Republican Party believes the only way they can win future elections is to keep millions of Americans from casting their ballots.

“Congress must act immediately to prevent the Republican Party from stripping millions of Americans of their right to vote in Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and many other states. The only path forward now is to nuke the filibuster, pass the For the People Act, and protect voters from the GOP’s brazen assault on our constitutional rights.”

In recent weeks, Stand Up America’s Texas members made hundreds of calls to their state senators in opposition to Senate Bill 7. The group has also mobilized its members in several other states to oppose Republican state lawmakers’ attempts to suppress the vote and in support of the For the People Act, the most comprehensive package of anti-corruption, voting, and ethics reforms proposed in generations.

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