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Statement: Congress Must Pass S. 1 to Stop Partisan Gerrymandering

Monday, April 26, 2021

Ryan Thomas
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After the U.S. Census Bureau announced preliminary data about congressional district apportionment today, Stand Up America Managing Director Christina Harvey released the following statement:

“As we kick off this very first step in drawing new district lines, it’s important to remind legislators and the public that voters should pick their representatives, not the other way around.

“What’s the best way to make sure they can do that? Passing the For the People Act—historic legislation that would end gerrymandering by creating national standards for drawing fair maps and returning power to independent, citizen-led commissions instead of politicians.

“Our votes should count equally in every single election, no matter our zip code or the party that happens to be controlling the legislature in our state—but today we’re reminded that the rules of redistricting are still rigged in far too many states to empower some voters and silence others.

“With the redistricting process soon to begin, time is of the essence—and Congress must act now before it’s too late.”

Stand Up America first endorsed the For the People Act in 2019 and has since driven over 20,0000 calls to Congress in support of the legislation. Earlier this year, the group announced a nationwide, grassroots campaign to mobilize its community members and the public to pressure the Senate to pass S. 1 without delay and not to let Republican senators block its passage by abusing the filibuster.

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