Leave a Comment to Make Voting Easier in Nevada

Remember when all eyes were on Nevada in the 2020 presidential election? States like yours, Georgia, and Arizona played crucial roles in securing a victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And now, we’re seeing Republicans introduce a lot of bad bills in key states to block access to the ballot box. But here in Nevada, you have the chance to make voting as streamlined and hurdle-free as possible.

For that to happen, we need you to submit a comment in favor of AB321, a bill that would modernize voting throughout the state. It would establish statewide access to mail-in voting, ballot dropboxes in every county, and would require at least one polling place for tribes that request one for their reservation or colony for major elections.

If the bill passes, every active registered voter would be automatically sent a mail ballot and prepaid return envelope, unless they choose to opt out of receiving one.

Your legislature needs to hear from voters like you, who want voting to be accessible and straightforward. Ready to make your voice heard? Here’s the steps you’re going to take:

  • Go to the comments page.
  • Select bill AB321. The page will populate more information about the bill, which you can read to learn more about the policy.

  • Scroll down and select “In Favor.”

  • Leave your comment in the comment box (more on that below.)

  • Lastly, you’ll fill out your contact information and hit “Submit Your Opinion.”

What should you say in your comment? That’s entirely up to you. If you’ve ever used a mail-in ballot yourself, you could speak to your personal experience and why voting by mail is right for you. You could explain the fact that restrictive voting laws, including when and how you can drop off a ballot, disproportionately impact the poor, the elderly, Black and Brown folks, and tribal communities. Or you could share how voting by mail has made voting more accessible for your friends and family.

Be sure to submit your comment ASAP.