100 Days of Standing Up for Our Democracy

This week, we heard a lot about the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris administration and their historic accomplishments. And I wanted to take a moment to share how proud I am of the work that the Stand Up America community has done in the first 100 days of this administration.

We began this year with an unprecedented and deadly insurrection at our nation’s Capitol, incited by Donald Trump and his attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Since then, we’ve seen remarkable cowardice from Republicans, who not only refused to hold Trump accountable for his crimes, but instead have used his Big Lie about the 2020 election to introduce more than 350 voter suppression bills in 47 states.

At Stand Up America, we know that although Trump is out of the White House, our democracy is still under threat, and our government still is not working for all Americans. That’s why for the past 100 days, we’ve made sure that protecting our democracy and our voting rights has been front and center for our new president and new Congress.

A few highlights from the past 100 days:

  • Stand Up America has been one of the loudest grassroots communities fighting to pass The For the People Act, a bold democracy reform package that would stop voter suppression in its tracks. It’s cleared the House and is now under consideration in the Senate. Thanks to you, we’ve made more than 20,000 constituent calls to the Senate demanding its passage, submitted over 3,000 letters to the editor in support of the bill, and our volunteers have sent nearly 2,000,000 peer-to-peer texts to voters in key states asking them to call their senators in support of the For the People Act.
  • We also helped pass D.C. statehood in the House! We’re committed to ensuring representation for the 700,000 residents of D.C. — a majority of whom are Black and brown — and we’re now ramping up our efforts to pass it in the Senate. Our community made thousands of constituent calls in support of the bill, submitted over 1,500 letters to the editor making the case for statehood, and shared videos like this one to explain to our friends and family why D.C. statehood is key to building a more representative democracy.
  • To pass these two critical bills and so many others, we’ve helped lead the charge to abolish the filibuster and end Mitch McConnell’s veto power in the Senate. Our community has made tens of thousands of constituent calls demanding that our senators not let the filibuster not stand in the way of protecting voting rights and delivering progress for the American people — and we’re just getting started.

And that’s just our advocacy focused on Congress! At the state level, we’ve been fighting back against Republican voter suppression bills in Arizona and Texas and working to expand voting rights in New York, Nevada, and Oregon. You’ll hear more about that critical state work (and some wins!) in our newsletter next week.

The common thread in all of our work at Stand Up America is a recognition that if we want to make meaningful progress on the urgent issues facing our nation — from gun safety and health care to racial and economic justice — we need to reform a political system that has tried to silence millions of Americans and block progress for far too long.

That’s why we’re working every day to expand voting rights, reduce the impact of big money in our politics, and end undemocratic barriers (like the filibuster!) that conservatives have built to impede progress.

We’ve got our work cut out for us over the next four years of this administration to ensure that we seize this historic opportunity to build a truly representative democracy, but I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished in these first 100 days and grateful to have you with us in the fights ahead.

You can read more about our current federal fights and take action, here.