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Stand Up America Condemns Texas GOP’s Effort to Suppress Vote With Senate Bill 7

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Ryan Thomas
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Group Drives Hundreds of Constituent Calls to Senate Opposing Bill

After the introduction of Senate Bill 7 in the Texas State Senate, Stand Up America Political Director Brett Edkins released the following statement:

“Texas’ shameful history of racist voter suppression continues to threaten the rights of hundreds of thousands of Texans today—a disproportionate number of whom are Black, Brown, or first-time voters. This latest effort by Gov. Abbott and his Republican allies is fundamentally un-democratic and un-American—and Texas lawmakers must reject it as such.

“These blatant attempts to suppress the vote in Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and other states must be met with swift action from Congress—and the first step should be to pass the For the People Act.”

This week, Stand Up America’s Texas members made hundreds of calls to their state senators in opposition to Senate Bill 7. Stand Up America endorsed the For the People Act in 2019 and has since driven thousands of calls to Congress in support of the legislation. The group has also mobilized its members in several other states—including Arizona—to oppose Republican state lawmakers’ attempts to suppress the vote.

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