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Stand Up America Blasts Arizona Republicans’ Latest Attempt to Limit Mail-In Voting, Urges Congress to Pass Landmark Voting Rights Bills

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Ryan Thomas
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Following the passage of SB 1485 (formerly 1069) through the Arizona State Senate yesterday, a bill that would take hundreds of thousands of Arizona voters off the Permanent Early Voter List, Stand Up America Political Director Brett Edkins released the following statement:

“This is an attempt to suppress the vote plain and simple. Arizonans see the GOP’s attempts to restrict access to the ballot for what they are: An attempt by Republican lawmakers to pick their voters. 

 “The Arizona State House of Representatives must swiftly reject this bill and any other attempt to further restrict access to the ballot.

“The attempt to suppress the vote in Arizona is yet another reminder of why federal legislation—from the For the People Act to the John Lewis Voting Rights Act—must be signed into law to prevent these reckless bills from taking effect across the country.”

In Arizona, a state Donald Trump lost by only 10,457 votes, Republicans have introduced numerous bills to restrict voting. This particular bill—formerly 1069, now SB 1485—would take Arizona voters off of PEVL and stop automatically mailing them their early ballots if they do not vote by mail for two consecutive election cycles. 

Stand Up America has tens of thousands of members in Arizona, who have already made hundreds of constituent calls to the State Senate opposing this bill. Today, their members will begin calls to the Arizona House of Representatives urging them to oppose this and any other voter suppression legislation. The group is working in coalition with several state-based groups organizing in staunch opposition to this bill, including: Arizona Advocacy Network (AZAN), Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), and Progress Arizona.

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