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Stand Up America Strongly Condemns Cowardice of GOP Senators Siding With Insurrectionist-in-Chief

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Ryan Thomas
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After a majority of Republican senators voted against holding Donald Trump accountable for inciting a deadly insurrection, Stand Up America Founder and President Sean Eldridge released the following statement:

“Today, a majority of Senate Republicans once again failed the American people by siding with a demagogue over our democracy, despite Donald Trump’s clear culpability in inciting a deadly insurrection.

“It’s unfathomable that anyone hearing or seeing the mountain of evidence presented in Trump’s second impeachment trial could walk into the Senate chamber and vote against his conviction—much less the same people whose lives were threatened by the violence he incited.

“Blinded by their partisan cowardice, these GOP senators are now complicit in Trump’s escalating assaults on our democracy. History will judge them harshly for failing to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution—and now it will be up to voters to hold them accountable.”

Stand Up America drove more than 70,000 constituent calls to lawmakers from every state urging them to immediately vote to impeach, convict, and disqualify Trump, including tens of thousands of calls to Republican senators in recent weeks.

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