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How We Move Forward After the Senate’s Shameful Acquittal

It was impossible to watch the Senate impeachment trial and not be shaken to the core by the evidence put forth by the impeachment managers: videos of screaming rioters and lawmakers ducking for cover during the deadly violence of January’s white supremacist insurrection — and Donald Trump’s clear culpability for inciting it.

Despite all of the evidence presented, a majority of Senate Republicans once again failed the American people by choosing brazen partisanship over safeguarding our democracy.

We know that they are wrong. We know that many of them were complicit in the insurrection, and we know that history will judge them harshly. But that doesn’t make the vote any less infuriating and devastating for our country.

I am grateful to each and every one of you who made your voices heard and demanded accountability. Since January 6th, Stand Up America members made over 67,000 constituent calls demanding Trump’s conviction and disqualification.

It’s clearer than ever that Senate Republicans are unwilling and unable to safeguard our democracy. So it’s on us. We might be angry, but we’re not helpless, and we should meet the ongoing threat to our democracy with more democracy.

Many Senate Republicans are up for election next year, and we will not forget how they voted today.

We must elect more representatives who actually care about protecting and strengthening our democracy. And to do that, we must pass bold reforms this year that combat corruption in our elections, get millions more Americans registered to vote, and bring us closer to a truly representative democracy. Otherwise, we’re putting ourselves and our country at risk of something like this happening again.

We have our work cut out for us, but I know that together we can rebuild our broken democracy. We’ll be in touch in the days ahead about how you can take action. For now, you can read more about our First 100 Days Priorities here.

Thanks for all that you do. 

Sean Eldridge
Founder and President, Stand Up America