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SUA Celebrates CO Approving National Popular Vote, Urges Other States To Join Compact

Monday, November 9, 2020

Ryan Thomas
[email protected]
(763) 954-0470

After Colorado voters passed a ballot measure to remain in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a nationwide effort to ensure that the presidential candidate who receives the most votes in the nation as a whole becomes president, Stand Up America Founder and President Sean Eldridge released the following statement:

“For far too long, the United States has failed to live up the ideal that one person equals one vote because of arcane institutions like the Electoral College. Last week, we saw just how broken, outdated, and racist that system of electing a president is.

“In every other election, the candidate who gets the most votes wins. But our nation spent a stressful four days wondering who our next president would be, despite the clear fact that Joe Biden won the popular vote by millions—and with good reason. In the last twenty years, two out of three U.S. presidents were elected in spite of losing the national popular vote.

“It’s far past time that we abolish this system and affirm that every single vote should matter equally when electing our president. In passing Proposition 113, Colorado voters helped the entire country move closer to ensuring that every vote counts equally in every state and every election.

“In the coming months and years, Stand Up America is committed to helping pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact in more states to ensure that the Electoral College never subverts the will of the American people again.”

Early this year, Stand Up America began organizing in Colorado in support of Proposition 113 and National Popular Vote, using an innovative peer-to-peer SMS texting program powered by over 8,000 remote volunteers to encourage over a quarter of a million Coloradans to vote yes on the measure. Stand Up America also worked to educate its community of tens of thousands of Coloradans about Proposition 113, urging them to vote yes and send letters to the editors of local papers in support of the measure.

If you would like to speak with a Stand Up America spokesperson about the National Popular Vote movement, please email Ryan Thomas at [email protected].

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