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As West Burns, McConnell Says Filibuster Will Be “Firewall” On Progressive Legislation Like Climate Action

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Ryan Thomas
[email protected]
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After Mitch McConnell said that efforts to abolish the legislative filibuster will “permanently disfigure” the Senate and that Republicans will use the filibuster as a “firewall” against progressive legislation, Stand Up America spokesperson Ryan Thomas issued the following statement:

“Mitch McConnell has shamelessly declared that GOP senators will use the filibuster as a ‘firewall’ against any effort to pass a progressive agenda, including legislation to address the increasing frequency of man-made climate disasters like the fires raging across the country. That is disgraceful.

“More areas than just the West will face wildfires, hurricanes, and other crises unless Congress is able to pass comprehensive legislation to address climate change. If Republicans are allowed to filibuster any meaningful progress, that won’t be possible.

“The science is real, and the threat is increasingly deadly. When Democrats flip the Senate, they cannot waste time on meaningless negotiations. If there is any hope of ending Republicans’ senseless blockade on climate action legislation, it starts with abolishing the filibuster.”

Last week, Stand Up America joined a coalition of progressive groups in dialing up the pressure to eliminate the filibuster. Early this year, Stand Up America also pressured Joe Biden to call on the Senate to end the 60-vote threshold to pass legislation in the Senate during the Democratic primary.

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