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SUA Applauds Sen. Brown For Calling To Eliminate The Filibuster, Calls On Biden and Schumer To Pledge Support For Filibuster Reform

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ryan Thomas
[email protected]
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In response to Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) affirming that the Senate should end the legislative filibuster, Stand Up America Managing Director Christina Harvey issued the following statement:

“Sen. Brown is right: The Senate must eliminate the filibuster. We hope that Vice President Biden and Leader Schumer will join Sen. Brown in pledging their support for eliminating this arcane hurdle to progress that President Obama aptly called a ‘Jim Crow relic.’

“If Joe Biden wins the White House and Democrats hold power in both chambers of Congress next year, Senate Republicans can’t be allowed to block progressive legislation like restoring the Voting Rights Act, combating climate change, and protecting the American people from gun violence—but that will only be made possible by ending the filibuster.

“Rhetoric alone simply won’t get it all done. It’s time for action—and it’s time for Biden and Schumer to pledge their support for abolishing the filibuster.”

Early this year, Stand Up America endorsed eliminating the legislative filibuster and pressured Joe Biden to call for eliminating the 60-vote threshold to pass legislation in the Senate during the Democratic primary.

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