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Stand Up America Urges Lawmakers To Pass Automatic Voter Registration in NYS

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

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New York-Based Group Has Driven 8,000 Constituent Calls to Lawmakers Supporting AVR 

NEW YORK — Today, Stand Up America released the following statement in support of passing S8806 in the New York State Senate and A8280C in the New York State Assembly:

“If we want New York to be a progressive leader on issues like health care, climate action, and economic fairness, then we need every eligible voter to participate in our elections. Automatic voter registration will eliminate one of the biggest obstacles to participation—requiring voters to proactively register and keep their registration up to date—and will add over one million New Yorkers to the voter rolls.

“This pandemic has put a spotlight on the many barriers to voting in New York and around the country that it’s long past time be torn down. The New York State Legislature has the opportunity to eliminate one of those barriers for over one million New Yorkers this week, and they shouldn’t let it pass them by. 

“We urge lawmakers in both chambers to swiftly pass this bill and implore Governor Cuomo to then immediately sign it into law.”

Since 2019, Stand Up America has driven more than 8,000 constituents to call their lawmakers in the New York legislature pushing for automatic registration. The coordinated campaign includes pushing constituent emails and calls, lobbying efforts in Albany, and other grassroots actions across the state to push lawmakers to support this legislation.

These efforts are being coordinated in partnership with numerous national and local grassroots organizations as part of the Let NY Vote coalition, including AVR NOW, the Brennan Center, the Center for Popular Democracy, Common Cause New York, Demos, Indivisible, Make the Road, New York Communities for Change, Public Citizen, and numerous other groups.

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